Can Syria be stitched back together again? Not any time soon, says analyst Elizabeth Tsurkov

January, 2021 | Al-Monitor

Elizabeth Tsurkov, an Israeli-Russian scholar and a fellow at the Center for Global Policy who has followed the Syrian conflict from the ground since the beginning, talks with Amberin Zaman about how over the past decade a peaceful civilian uprising against the government of Bashar al-Assad degenerated into a seemingly endless series of conflicts within conflicts. The country is effectively divided into at least three separate zones of influence. Tsurkov addresses how the incoming Biden administration is likely to approach Syria, and the prospects for lasting peace. Continue Reading

SEPADPod With Elizabeth Tsurkov

January 01, 2020 | SEPADPod

On this episode of SEPADPod Simon speaks with Elizabeth Tsurkov, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Research Fellow at the Forum for Regional Thinking and PhD student at Princeton. Continue Reading

Syria Weekly: Winter is coming to Al-Hol camp and children will be its victims

June 10, 2020

On an exposed plain in northeast Syria, close to the Iraqi border, a camp that houses thousands of refugees from territories once controlled by the Islamic State group has come under the spotlight once again, following reports of riots this week. Continue Reading

Inside al-Hawl camp, the incubator for Islamic State’s resurgence

August 31, 2020

he vast scale of al-Hawl can be seen from miles away, on the road that leads to the camp from the west. The white tents housing the displaced women and children of Islamic State stretch out over the dusty landscape far beyond the adjacent town’s outskirts, the furthest away encroaching upon the foot of a hill. Continue Reading