Recommended Charities

Over the years, several contacts have asked for charities and NGOs to support in Syria, Iraq and Israel-Palestine. I am recommending charities I have personally donated to and about whose work I’ve inquired with beneficiaries.

In Syria, I recommend donating to Molham Team, an NGO operating in northwestern Syria, which provides humanitarian assistance to residents of the area, who have endured years of bombings, displacement and hunger. You can pick particular projects and individuals to support by clicking here.

If you wish to support Syrian refugees, I recommend the Karam Foundation, which provides educational support for Syrian refugee children in Turkey and the United States.

I strongly advise against donating to any UN agency working in Syria or any international or local NGO registered in Damascus, since those agencies and NGOs are unable to operate without significant interference by the Syrian regime.

In Iraq, I recommend supporting the Springs of Hope Foundation, which provides psychosocial, health and educational services for survivors of the Yazidi genocide.

In Israel-Palestine, I recommend donating to the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, which provides legal assistance to refugees, migrants and human trafficking victims who endure discriminatory and racism policies. I also recommend donating to Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, which provides free medical services to refugees and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.


IDP camp in Idlib – Photo by Samer Daboul